About Norman Turner

In the summer of 2007 I received a call from a bride that I was scheduled to photograph a wedding for later that fall. This was not uncommon for me since I receive calls daily from bubbly excitable brides to be. There is nothing like the joy of a soon to be bride planning her wedding. However I could quickly determine from her tone there was a reason for concern. I wondered was she phoning me to say the wedding was being cancelled or perhaps postponed to a later date. It was worse than I had imagined, her mother had become terminally ill and it was not certain if she would survive to witness the wedding. While the original fall wedding date would remain, a special ceremony was being planned and she wanted to know if I could take a few pictures and put them on a disc where the family could make their own copies. I told her that I would be privileged to photograph the ceremony. Only close friends and family would be there. While it was difficult at times for her mom to speak, the joy in her eyes and the smile on her face said it all. We were witnessing something special. It was this precise moment that I realized how fortunate I was to be a wedding photographer. I was so proud to be the person responsible for creating this special family moment. When the ceremony was over and I was driving home I said to myself, this is why I love what I do. Later that week I returned to the home with the disc of all the images, the family was delighted.

You see, in my line of work a thank you is okay, but the look in your eyes says much more. I knew I had done well but I had one additional special surprise for the family. I presented them with a 20 page album of the ceremony. Words could not express their gratitude. And you know what, they didn't need to.

How did I arrive here? While I have loved taking pictures all my life. It was in 2003 when my good friend, photographer Jesse Josleyn said to me after seeing some of my work, "I see something special in you." He asked if he could be honest in his critique and I said yes. Not expecting the brutal beating of my photos, it was the moment that changed my life. A year earlier I had been laid off from a job of 15 years in the business field and decided to pursue my love of photography as a new career. With Jesse as my tutor and making the switch from film to digital I had realized my true calling. I was put here to create wedding love stories. I haven't worked a day since.